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Reflection on a Famous Quote – January 18, by Danny J. Stevens

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.”

-Deepak Chopra

Have you ever noticed that as you move forward to your goals you are met with disapproval from some family and friends?  Others, although well meaning do whatever they can to ensure you don’t move forward.  Even though in most circumstances they are supportive and can be counted upon in adversity these same people seem to hold you back.  They do things and try to make sure you don’t move forward.   They seem to be afraid of the success they know you are capable of and do not want to lose you.  Eventually, they will stop trying to hinder your progress and will be supportive and proud of you progress.  

There is also the issue that as you progress towards your goals change has to occur.  Not only the change to meet the goal, but the change in yourself so that you can reach the goal.   The old you and the new you are present in your thoughts.  The comfortable paradigm will have to be challenged and changed as you install the new.  This in and of itself will cause chaos!  Bob Proctor call this process the Terror Barrier.   If you don’t have a strong enough reason to change once you hit the terror barrier you may retreat back to the known and comfortable, even if it is restrictive and not in your best interest.


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