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What is Age?  by Danny J. Stevens

Day 49, Giant Steps in to 2012

The lesson for today is that age is not about chronology.  While I was growing up I heard the saying, “You are as old as you feel.”   Have you ever heard anyone state, “I do not feel this old, I look different but inside I still feel the same as I always have.”   There are some attributes to age which are part of the aging process.   Some of those can be improved by exercise, keeping active, eating right and changing your view point on age.

Have you ever heard someone comment, “They shouldn’t be acting like that at their age.”   I have seen people who still acted young and appeared young but because of a certain age they developed slowness to their step, trouble hearing, almost as if they had to act a certain part.  I have also heard a relative state that their mother died at 70 and they were close to that time.  Sure enough they died near the same age, even though they were basically healthy. 

George Burns on the other hand kept active and looked forward to entertaining at his 100th birthday party.  A neighbor we had while I was growing up was climbing trees and roofing homes and he was approaching 80.  I had a cousin who was still agile and was working on his home and traveling right up to the end of his life and he was close to 80.   Part of the makeup of growing old is the beliefs we have or are expected for us to believe.

Who states that we have to slow down at a certain age?  Why is it expected that the old should leave their jobs and make way for the young?   Are there really rules on how an older person is to dress, act and speak?   You create the rules!  You are as old as you feel!   What did you do when you were young that you want to do today?    If you think about it, could you not do that today, at least in some form?  Enjoy life; it doesn’t stop because you reach a certain age.   It does stop because of our rules and beliefs.

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