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A View on our Emotional Wellbeing by Danny J. Stevens

Day 50, Giant Steps in to 2012

If it was possible to enrich your life by performing a couple steps would you do it?  Take some time to think of a list of emotions which you would like to experience.   These should be emotions which make you feel good. There are many let me list a few;

Happy, Calm, content, safe, excited, loved, loving, awe,  wonderful, glad, pleased, proud, hopeful, caring, energetic, alive,  determined, daring, strong, fulfilled, wanted, peaceful….

Of those on your list how many do feel on a consistently in a week?   With thousands of emotions available to experience if you experience less than a dozen consistently each week it is time to add more spice to your life by opening yourself to feel more emotion.   From the list you made what is it you want to feel?    Pick one.  Have you ever felt this way before?  If so remember what it felt like, stand the way you did when you felt that way, talk the way you did when you felt that way, think the way you thought when you felt that way.  The feeling returns by a shift in the focus of our thoughts, vocabulary and the physiology.   If you don’t remember how you felt, feel they way you believe you feel.  Stand the way you believe a person would stand if they felt this way.  How do you feel?  Add these emotions and enrich your life!

Tony Robbins calls this the triad.  Everything we do is affected by our focus, our words and our physiology.   We will learn more about this throughout 2012!   For now just realize changing your focus – thoughts, our vocabulary – changing the words we use, and changing how we stand – the physiology changes our thoughts, feeling and actions.


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