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It’s Your Choice by Danny J. Stevens

Day 51, Giant Steps in to 2012

I have had situations which Tony Robbins explores today.  The situations have been stressful and I can remember saying to myself, someday I might be able to laugh at this.   It really is our choice!  You can choose the stress or you can choose to laugh about it now.  This is a very basic point which doesn’t need to be expanded upon very much.  It is a choice!  

When you can choose to feel good about a stressful situation, why would we choose stress?  It is not denial; it is a different way to handle a tough situation.  We all have tough situations!  If we didn’t we would not be alive.  The sad part here though is stress is the number 1 killer.  Do whatever you can to eliminate stress.   I have been using mediation cd’s and one is call holosync.   You can obtain a demo of Holosync from https://www.centerpointe.com/.   This has helped me to manage and handle a good deal of stress and has helped me to keep focused.


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