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Choosing How to Feel by Danny J. Stevens

Day 52, Giant Steps in to 2012

Examine how you feel throughout the day.  I might even suggest that you open your hard bound journal and write about how you feel.  The next step is to look at the results.  Can you change how you felt in the various situations you were in today?  How?   You can change how you feel in the snap of your fingers.  Yes it is possible!

Changing what you focus on, changes how you feel.   Rather than look at the situation where you boss may have been a bit sharp or rough, you can change the focus that the boss is just busy working to keep things working, not working against you.  You spouse was quick to leave and forgot to give you a kiss, you could focus on that your spouse has been busy supporting the family.

Remember along with focus, which is only part of the triad you can change your vocabulary, and physiology to change how you feel!  


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