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Examination of Gratitude by Danny J. Stevens

This past year has been filled with events which have left me focusing on lack, loss and limitation in my life.    The more I stay in this focus, the more I am paralyzed towards being able to change the situation.   It helps to volunteer, work on projects which helps but without the attitude of gratitude the focus still remains that which is not within my life.  Replacing those feelings that by finding things which I can be grateful for in my life.   Focusing on those items which I can be grateful shifts my thinking.   Rather than looking at the lack loss and limitation I am reminded of what is right in my life.


Last year I lost my mom in an unexpected and long illness (early in January she went to the emergency room.  From January to the end of July she only spoke a couple simple words, most the time she was in a coma of sorts.   I lost my job which I thought was secure.   I found myself looking for employment in the middle of an economic storm.    My father had severe nosebleeds and life seemingly looked very bleak!   I was grateful that even though I was unemployed I was able to spend more time trying to reach my mother by reading books, singing to her and talking to her about the day.   She would smile occasionally and squeeze my hand so I felt it was helping.   I was also grateful that this unemployment would finally mean that I could look for an employer or build an income and not feel like I was compromising my beliefs or values.  I also found that it gave me the opportunity to investigate other industries.  I am grateful and thankful that I can work on finishing my degree. 


While the year has been filled with major transitions, I have also had opportunities that were not available to me while I was work a 9 to 5 (or in my case a 6 to 3).     My work week is actually busier (no pay) while looking for employment or income than it was at the peak in my previous job.    Although this increases the stress levels from time to time, I am grateful that it is forcing me to tackle the important items, do things now and is forcing me to adapt new time management skills.  The sales training has allowed me to see a new view of myself.   I am so grateful and thankful for this opportunity to work on the changes to help work on the areas of my life that need more work.   A sales position of any type opens your soul for others to see.  


Being in this frame of mind and attitude, the thought process is geared towards a more beneficial outlook on life, it helps us not to stay the center of focus while working on ways to become a better person, increase our knowledge in specific areas or assisting others to reach the next level.


Dr. Norman Vincent Peale told a story about a gentleman who called him up and told Dr. Peale that he was going to commit suicide.   Dr. Peale was concerned and recognized that the gentleman was crying for help.  The issue was that Dr. Peale was in New York and the caller was several hours away.  Dr. Peale stated something similar to, “If you don’t have to commit suicide right away, please come see me.”   The man stated he didn’t have to commit suicide today, so it was possible.  When the man arrived they sat down to talk about the man’s problems.   Dr. Peale took out a piece of paper and drew a line down the middle.  He labeled the two columns;   what is good in my life and what is not good in my life.  The man upon looking at the chart stated that there is nothing good in his life that is why he was going to commit suicide.   


Dr. Peale started working on the listing and stated something about it was sad that the man didn’t have a happy marriage.  The man was startled and said, “What are you talking about?”   Dr. Peale added, “Well, I assumed when you said there was nothing good in your life, that your wife had left you or something.”  The man stated, “Oh no, I have a loving wife who is very supportive.  She is believes that everything will get better but she is not understanding what is happening in my life.”  Dr. Peale said, “Well then let’s put “Has a loving and supportive wife in the  good column.”   The man glanced at the sheet of paper.  Dr. Peale then stated, “It is sad that your children have been arrested.”   The man turned and exclaimed, “My children have not been arrested!”   Dr. Peale said, “Well then we can add that to the good column.”   After Dr. Peale had finished going through the list the man look astonished at the list.   I would not think it would have been possible.   This story has been shortened and is re-told to the best of my memory however it was meant to convey a thought.      Being grateful is like the list of good things as told in this story.    By being grateful we are learning to step back and look at the issues from a new perspective.   With a new viewpoint, the issues or challenges which were insurmountable before seem to shrink and be nothing more than a action item or two in the day planner.




In the daily video presentation by Bob Proctor called, Six Minutes to Success these concepts are worked on in a daily process that takes six minutes.   Please click on the link below and listen to Bob explain the program.  He has created a program whereby following his exercise you can change what you are focusing and help to develop the state of mind of a successful person.     You have seven days to look at and use the program, and you can quit anytime.   However, giving the process the six minutes a day you will soon see changes in your life.   Here is a man and a company that is dedicated to helping you to achieve your goals and desires!

Looking forward to seeing you achieve your goals and desires!




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