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Reflection on a Famous Quote – February 24, by Danny J. Stevens

“Nothing gives a person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

This takes practice and you may lose your cool from time to time.   However, to remain in control of your emotions and not frustrated allows you to focus on the issue and move towards resolution in a quick and controlled fashion.  If you were in the air and could via the control room in air traffic control, would you feel comfort in hearing panic, fear or confusion?  This is true in dealing with customers, driving, and almost all activities in our life.

I have found meditation and prayer help to keep focused.  Using the tools we have written about on this blog such as changing your focus, language or physiology.  Envisioning yourself in a similar situation where you had total control and modeling the focus, language and physiology. If you cannot find a reference in your past use your imagination or reference from someone else and model that vision. 

Should the panic still not subside examine the basic question you are asking yourself about this.  Does this serve you?  Is it adding to the issue or the resolution?  If it is adding to the situation change the question?  Example, your customer is very angry and you need to provide help and the conversation is not pleasant.   You may be asking, “Why does this always happens to me?”  This question only adds to the situation as it does not provide a solution.  A change in the question could be, “What will it take to resolve this situation and make the customer happy and like a new friend?”   Realize that this changes the focus and our mind now filters out the stimulus around us looking for the answers.  This is what is called the reticular activating system, RAS, a way our mind filters out the mass amount of input. 


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