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Reflection on a Famous Quote – February 28th 2012, by Danny J. Stevens

“The cave we fear to enter – holds the treasure we seek!”

– Joseph Campbell

Many times we know what we must do.  Is it because we are confused about the emotions we are feeling?   Are you feeling fear or is it excitement?   Both emotions can feel very close at times, and we sometimes misjudge the feeling as being afraid.   Bob Proctor states that a goal should both excite you and make you scared at the same time.  For when you experience this emotion, the goals you seek are worthy of your time and attention you are giving them.

How many times has a potential author not moved on their goal because they felt fear?  Personally I understand what it being stated.  Have you been getting ready to talk to a group of people and felt scared?  This is that fine line; it is possible you are excited.  Performers go through this before they take the stage.  Once on the stage they are doing great.  There are performers who know that when they feel this way it means they are pumped and ready to deliver, while another performer panics with anxiety and may back away.  Delivering the performance is the cave they need to enter to reach the treasure.

Are you backing away when you are really ready and pumped?  What question are you asking yourself?  What question can you ask yourself that will empower you to move forward?


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