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Feelings and Focus by Danny J. Stevens

Day 57, Giant Steps in to 2012

People perceive things differently.  If you analyze how people describe a situation you can get a clue about how they view things and a basic understanding of their focus.   There can be a combination and we often do use different methods based on how we interpret what is around us.  If you describe a situation as fading, or growing brighter you are in a visual mode.  If you describe a situation as it sounds crazy or great, you are in an audio mode.  If you describe the situation as it feels wrong, or feel fantastic then you are in a kinesthetic mode.    We can use the other senses by we don’t focus on situations by smell, or taste.  These however can affect how we associate feelings but that is for another discussion.

Can you see how this is more than words?  That the mode used creates a different feeling.  A person who is mainly visual will not necessarily understand the feelings produced by those in an auditory mode.  Those who are in a kinesthetic mode may not follow the description of the visual or auditory modes.  When you view a situation, which mode do you primarily use?

Have you ever trained personnel?  Have you ever had a person state that they need to see an example?  Have you ever had anyone state that they learn better if they can listen?  Some people seem to have trouble learning unless they are doing, and working hands on.  Knowing which mode people are in, will help you to communicate with them and understand them better.   Which modes do you use?  Are there different times and reasons why you switch from auditory to visual mode?

The mode we use creates a feeling which we use to focus on a situation.  As we become of aware of this we can learn how to alter the feelings to change the focus.   Changing the focus changes the direction.  A change in direction changes life.


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