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Reflection on a Famous Quote – March 5th, by Danny J. Stevens

“Doubt can only be removed by action”

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I was recently listening to a recording by Napolean Hill on his work, “The Law of Success.”   Napolean spoke about each person has at least two personalities; one sees the negative in everything and how things will not work, then other is open to possibilities.  The two personalities Hill explained will discuss an action.   Which will win?  That which you will to win or you have set in your emotional make up.   For those who have been following the blog, this may sound like the Terror Barrier.  It is!  We are creatures of habit!  Anything outside our conditioning will cause fear.  Will power can help to push through the terror barrier, the imaginary barrier where your old conditioning is in conflict with your new idea.  However if the idea is not buried in to your consciousness as a must, when you hit the barrier you will return to the old conditioning.  This is where you are the most comfortable.  

I went off topic slightly, as the information is related to the quote.  I am sure you have experienced the doubt that comes when you start to do something new.  We seek to find someone or something to tell us that we have no reason to doubt.  Johann reminds us the doubt will remain until we take action.  You need to make an educated decision, but once the decision has been made do something now!  Take action!

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