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Balance of Certainty by Danny J. Stevens

Day 69, Giant Steps into 2012

I was talking to a friend about the need to stay current and open to new technology and being flexible to learn new processes.  He was working with a customer who stated he had over 20 years of experience and knew how the technology worked.  The problem though was that he had not set the proper setting to allow mail to be delivered to the new settings.  In pointing this out he was rebuked that he had many years of experience and was not accepting the answer.

Being like the gentleman above and being certain, keeps him focused.  However he also needs sensory acuity to have awareness that change is needed.  Staying certain and unwavering in this circumstance would not make the mail flow to the correct destination.

We need to be flexible, aware and willing to learn.  If we could view our actions and certainty what could be said about our ability to learn new things, and having the sensory acuity to know that change is necessary.


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