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Examination of the levels of certainty by Danny J. Stevens

Mar 11th, Day 71, Giant Steps into 2012

Anthony Robbins in today’s lesson states there are different levels of certainty and these are; opinions, belief and convictions.   Each of these levels is a degree of certainty.  Opinions are our thoughts, they may have some references but these views could be changed as we do not have a high degree of certainty that our views are correct.   Beliefs have more references established and therefore a higher degree of certainty.  We learned that beliefs can be based on an object or global.  Global beliefs can become convictions.  This is where we are committed to the certainty of the belief in ways that it has become emotionally centered.    This is the point where when you are working towards your goals and you reach the place where your old conditioning is working on the new idea, the conviction will help you through the terror barrier to reach your goals.   There terror barrier is the place where you are replacing your old paradigm with the new.  If the why isn’t there, when the uncomfortable feelings and self speak begins we may bounce off the terror barrier in to the comfortable and familiar.

Convictions though can also be destructive.  This is to me is an interesting part about life.  We are always faced with exceptions and contradictions.   This is where it is good to have a high standard for your life one which will keep you in line and a team to help keep you centered and on track.


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