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The Force by Danny J. Stevens

February 29th, Day 60, Giant Steps into 2012

Today’s lesson sort of reminds me of Star Wars. In our lives there is a force which is behind our accomplishments or failures.   This doesn’t mean that we are not responsible as we are responsible for every part of our life.  We can change, we do better.  There is a force which determines if we will allow ourselves to try or back away.  What is this force?  It is our thoughts and beliefs!

Have you ever started the day stating that you are feeling ill.  If you continued this way, did you feel ill?  Many people believe in superstition.  The superstition is not the cause of good or bad happens, but it is your belief.  If you had enough certainty in the thought than the expectation of the superstition would be experienced.

If we are honest without own thoughts and beliefs we will find that the negative disempowering thoughts have resulted in what we expected would happen.  The same is true about the thoughts and beliefs where positive expectations were set.   Knowing this basic truth, what can you change moving forward?

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