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Observations of Stock Market by Danny J. Stevens

Over the last couple months I have been checking in on the Market to see how things are transpiring.  The headlines that state the reasons for the changes in the market have become a source of entertainment.   With the news about the auto makers I was surprised to read that the market dropped and the headlines read something like, “Dow plunges on fears of failing auto market.”    I wondered about that.  Really?  Just a few days before the headlines read, something like, “Stocks rise on Well Fargo reports.”     Minor news tends to be an excuse or reason for the changes in the market.

However, when you read the headlines, “Stocks fall on fears of Swine Flu,” I wonder how the news can drive the market down, especially when the numbers of reported cases in the United States were few in number.

I have to wonder is this responsible reporting?  If the market can truly turn on the news of a potential bankruptcy of a company, what does this say about the state of our financial market?   Has the pulse of the nation been reduced to reports of trivial news?

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