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What if’s and should have’s By Danny J Stevens


I have been looking at my recent past and playing the What if or maybe I should have game.    To review a past performance and come to a decision on how to proceed is productive.  Otherwise the what if’s or should have’s will never change the outcome.  The game keeps us in a mental prison, one that saps our inner strength and condemns us to an unfulfilled life. 


There is nothing in this world which will change the events or outcomes of the past.  They are what they are and they are not something that can be changed.   What can we do?   If we made the wrong decisions, didn’t do something, did something the realization is that it is what it is and nothing will change the past! 


What then can we do?   Learn from the past, forgive yourself and move on.    We could play the what if’s or should have over everything in life and cement our mental prison even stronger.   Alternatively, we could learn from the past, change what we need to change and meet the future stronger, more resourceful and capable of choosing a better path.


This simple act basically states that we are responsible for our own lives, for our beliefs or feelings and for every result that we get!   This is one of the lessons that Bob Proctor covers in his materials.   Specifically the message on Responsibility from the Success Series covers this in detail.    Taking the responsibility for our actions and not seeking blame or positioning our results as that of a victim is empowering.  When we take the responsibility we realize we can change the outcome.   We develop the realization that regardless of the circumstances that we are responsible for the outcomes in our life.  

It is another way of stating if someone wrongs you turn the other cheek.  If we wrong ourselves, we need turn the other cheek.  The common issue is to be able to forgive and move on.  The alternatives don’t provide any way to correct the problem.  The alternatives do not help anyone.  The alternatives do not help us to grow and become better. 


To your continued growth and success!

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