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Reflection on a Famous Quote – August 25, 2012, by Danny J. Stevens

“Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm.”

~ Earl Nightingale

I know when I an engaged, drawn into a project the more I work on the project the more I think on ideas about the project and other ideas.  When focusing on a cause or effect there is no drive, no move to find a solution.  If I have the feeling, “I could do that but I don’t want too,” then there is no enthusiasm.  There is no drive if you could do something.  We can do anything we put our mind to and we can force ourselves to adapt. Yet when we are excited about a project we have the drive, the creativity and the will to see it through!

However, if we can find something that sparks our imagination and put action behind that idea we have an emotional charge.  Continuing to take action increases the emotional attachment, the passion and as a result it engages our imagination.

The root of the word enthusiasm is from the Greek meaning the god within.  The beginning of the power of creativity is the engagement of the imagination with a strong emotional attachment.  Without the emotional attachment we don’t have a reason to push forward, no drive to keep going.   The best work you will accomplish is that which captures your imagination, catches you emotionally and you are finding is always in your thoughts.

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