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Claiming Victory in 2013 – April 11th, 2013, by Danny J. Stevens

“The only reward of virtue is virtue. The only way to have a friend is to be one.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The ancients discussed the value of virtue. The choice to lead a life of good, life of truth and life based on values is a choice to elevate yourself. Spiritual and religious realms teach that by living a life of virtue you honor the creator. Some practices teach that by living a life of virtue and trying to attain the path of enlightenment that we reach a point of being like the creator. This is the age old conversation of whose belief is correct. The only reward of virtue is virtue, your reward is a life based on values which will help you grow and become more than you are or were.

It may also be looked at as a parent providing a path for their child. A community which works to raise the values of the community and help out each citizen. So regardless how you look at or argue about virtue, it is the path to that which most of us seek.

To do good, to be truthful, to raise above prior performance is to practice virtue. What you seek you will find.

Similar, is the idea of relationships. To want a relationship you have to be the person you are seeking. To earn a friend you have to be that friend to others. To want a husband or wife you have to be the wife or husband.

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