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Being Good to Yourself! – January 5, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

Today I am reminded that it is so very important to enjoy what you are doing. You also need some time for yourself. I had an issue with a transportation pass as it would not scan. Rather than stop take several deep breaths I tried to resolve the situation. I knew that the only place that would solve this issue was the customer service or a ticketing agent who had the equipment. I should have noticed I was tired and a bit run down. When we get like this we are not much use to ourselves or to our fellow person.
Remember to celebrate victories no matter how small. Also, be good to yourself. Give yourself sometime to renew your creative energies. I know a person who takes this a bit to far as it seems like they are always on break. You have to have action! Momentum! Yet, you also need some re-creation time!
Be kind to yourself! Remember to enjoy what you are doing, and it will show in your progress!

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