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Action, Progress, Momentum, Breaks and Enjoy Part 1 – by Danny J. Stevens

In order to make powerful decisions you first need to be a state where you can make these type of decisions. If you are depressed or sad the thoughts you are feeling are affecting you, how you think and the direction of your life. If this is one of the down times in your life think back to a time when you felt strong, when things seemed right and you knew that you could reach your goals and dreams. Remember how you felt, if you can remember an exact time and try to step back in to how you felt during that time. It may take practice but you can remember how you felt, how it felt to be decisive or strong, what it felt like and how you felt as you worked toward the desired outcome and finally what you felt like when you reached the goal or dream! Most people have several times in there life you just have to remember. Events could have been successfully passing a test, becoming part of a team in sports, music or whatever. Graduation, Marriage, for some maybe even stepping out and just being independent. Whatever it might be there are likely examples of these type of states in your life. You remember, right! Take a moment and write in your success journal about a couple of these times and how you felt.

The goal here is to have you step into a strong, top of the world state where you know you can do almost anything. As children, we learn limits and what we have to do to make sure we won’t disappoint ourselves or others. Until this conditioning occurs, there is little we find that we cannot do or learn to do. It is this creative spirit that often attracts employers, partners, and friends. It isn’t so much age as it is our feelings. Are you a doer or a person who will explore how to make something happen or do you come to the table with references, certificates and diplomas and knowing the limits? The only limits that exist are those we place on a situation. The only meaning that exist about a situation or thing, is the meaning we give that situation or thing. Just understanding this may help you in your pursuit to earn a living, your love life, in fact almost all areas of your life can improve if we learn to rediscover life and shatter the limits.

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