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Action, Progress, Momentum, Breaks and Enjoy Part 3 – January 10, 2016 – by Danny J. Stevens
Only by sitting down and analyzing what is working, what isn’t working will help you determine the progress you a making. One of the best things you can do is to determine a way to measure key performances so that you can track if your time in a certain area is effective or if a change is needed. It is just that simple. You can determine the best means, you might want to speak with an accountant for advice. However realize the accountant probably has not experience doing what you are doing. Seek out a person who has been there or doing something similar and if you are still stuck. Have a brainstorming session even if it is with yourself. What can you measure that would indicate progress is being made. If it is a business you can measure profit but you will want to get more detailed. It may be possible to find was to do things differently which may increase the profits. Your goal is to be able to measure progress.

Let’s say you find out that what you thought were good metrics actually isn’t working for you. Analyze why? Give yourself recommendations to improve this, make a change and see if this works for you. It is all about you learning what works, what doesn’t and being able to analyze and come up with a new plan. You keep doing this until you are satisfied with the results. You don’t want to over analyze things as this is certain death to any project. I heard of businesses that had to have over 100 approving signatures before the business could do anything. This is way too restrictive and certainly didn’t address what wasn’t working…

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