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Action, Progress, Momentum, Breaks and Enjoy Part 5 – January 12, 2016 – by Danny J. Stevens

Recap: Decision should be made in the best possible state possible. Never leave the decision making without doing or planning to do something immediately to help you move closer to reaching your dreams. Do something daily that actively moves you closer to reaching your goal or dream. It doesn’t have to be limited to one thing, yet at the same time you don’t want to burn out. As a side note, one of the planning and goal setting activities I was introduced to was to create a list and attempt to get that list completed each day. Start with item 1 and complete number 1 before starting on number 2 and so on. Review your day and immediately put the undone items on the next days list. You will learn how much you can take on in a days time. The main focus is to do each item well before proceeding to the next item. I got this from Earl Nightingale. Don’t feel bad you didn’t reach all items if you did everything you could to get to each item on the list.
Keep the momentum going. Once everything is in motion keep asking yourself, what can be done to keep the momentum going. Never leave a planning session without doing something towards making it happen. However, for all your hard work reward yourself with some time to enjoy something you want to do. This last part is so important. Enjoying what you are doing and knowing your work has taken over your life and then having you resent the work you set out to do.

Monitor your progress. Find ways to measure how you are doing and wither something you are doing isn’t working or not working well. Discover a reason, come up with a plan and execute it. You do this over and over and over until you discover how to make it work! How many times? As many as it takes! The parts to a business, goal or dream are similar. You already know the basics so just commit to doing it, discover what works, what doesn’t and make corrections until you have found the right way. Giving to yourself some rewards along the way also helps to aide you when it doesn’t look like it is going to happen. It will happen if you don’t give up and follow the guide above!

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