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Setting your Goals or Dream, Aim High – January 15, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

I have a rock which was given to me by a mentor at one of the events I attended, Mastery University, Life Mastery. There a game was randomly chosen by me which was to teach me a life lesson. It actually opened my eyes to myself, my beliefs, my fears and still teaches me to this day! Due to the events and the struggle I had with the game, however at considerable odds I completed the objective , conquered my fear that day, and I felt the thrill of reaching the objective! The engraving on the rock stated, “What would you do, if you knew you couldn’t fail.” It sits on the basin in the bathroom so I see it multiple times in a day. It reminds me of the lesson learned.

What did I learn that day. Starting is a decision! You have to decide to take the first step and continue on. Standing around contemplating the results only adds to the fear and anxiety. Just do it! At some point you will run into the terror barrier as Bob Proctor calls it. A point where your belief and the events that are happening don’t share the same belief structure. You become uncomfortable, possible quiet ill and seek to revert to the comfort you have always known. Even though in so doing you leaving behind the dream or the vision. It doesn’t matter if the goal or vision is small, medium or large you have to face yourself and your fears. You might as well make it count and dream big! I learned also that taking the first step and keeping the momentum going the fear starts to disappear. We often create the fear, just by giving it a presence.

Read the blogs earlier in this year (and those in the past years) and you will find they have been pointing you to planning, taking the first steps, and keeping the momentum going. Fear is just part of the equation. Realize though take the first step and face the fear, in doing so the fear begins to disappear. Keep the momentum going and your over half way to completion.

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