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Checkup – January 19, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

Dream / Goal – You should have one. If you are reading these post there is an excellent chance you already do.

Have you wrote down the Dreams and or goals? If not why not? You should also be keeping a journal. I would suggest daily entries even if the entries are short, concise. You are wanting to measure what is working and what is not. One of the best ways is to keep a journal. Much like when going to the doctor, the doctor may ask you to keep a journal of you daily activities. This allows you and the doctor to see trends. Same idea here. I have been keeping journal for many years. I have been regular but not daily. This year I am keeping a daily record. It’s not a 100% of what goes on each day but a general gist of the activities. Major ones are covered in more details. Brian Tracy states that a goal which is written down has boosted the chance for successful completion dramatically. Why because one it is written, no more just a thought, it has literally been created. The other is that it know gains more focus because it involves more parts of the brain, even if you never read the entry again! Awesome news!

You have taken action daily on achieving your dream or goal. This is not cleaning your desk, arranging files, this is actively contacting others or writing if your dream is to publish a book or getting support from team members. It is an action, that you do to cause the dream or goal to come closer to completion. If it doesn’t do this than why are you wasting your time?

After a week or so are you measuring your progress? Is it working? Is it not working? If not working, what can be changed that might allow it to work or work better? Have you implemented that change? From here it is the same exercise over and over until you find what works and what does’t. When should you quit? When you have achieved your dream or goal.

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