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Energy Vampires – January 20, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

Do as much as you can each day! Do not put off until tomorrow what is within your grasp to do today. The problem here is that made your plate is too full. You need exercise, you need to eat and you need rest. From a business perspective this overhead is something which you can not cheat and if you do you will pay in your health. Depending on how much neglect you might not recover from neglecting yourself. So build it in to the schedule and don’t let your health become a sacrifice. There are so many other things that can be sacrificed least for a while; TV, Social events, reading, me time and I am sure you can identify a couple of places where changes can be made.

Are you building a team? Are you taking care of everything yourself? Cooking, cleaning, mowing the lawn, repairs and upkeep, car repair, financial reports, washing the car? There are other household duties which if you found another member of your team they could be taking care of these issues while you are working on your dream or goal. How bad do you want success?

Broken items around the home. Piles of items that need your attention. If you have so much that you feel you need to organize your files first, you probably need a personal assistant to add to your team. You can not move your goal or dream forward and try to play catch up from years of neglect. The pile of uncompleted activities needs to be removed. You need to be able to move without feeling like you are never going to catch up. Here you may need to take some time to decide what is critical put it in a pile and pick the first item and work on it until completed, then pick up the next until you have that pile completed. Again a personal assistant could be most helpful in doing these task. The next is to put a pile for doesn’t matter, one for garbage, donate or pass to another – likely if you don’t know what to do with it that it really probably should be discarded. Do you see where this is going? The pile of clothes you need to mend so you can wear, get them mended, donate them or if they are bad trash them. The pile of items that need fixed, either fix them, donate them or trash them. Each time you walk by these items they are energy vampires and they are sucking the life blood out of you. Get them out of the picture and you will not have this affecting you. Do you feel you have to make all the phone calls? Really are the phone calls productive? I have heard many phone calls from businessmen where they are acting busy and not doing what they need to do? Are you really taking care of activities which will promote you dreams or goals?

What is sapping your strength? Is it something that directly involves your health, family, dreams or goals? Is it something you can delegate to a team member? But you say there is nobody around that I could entrust this too. Then you might want to look into battering, or hiring someone to help in this area. Ask yourself how can I spend more productive time on the goal or dream? List it, do not judge. Then look at the list and ask how can I make this happen and write it down.

Eliminating the energy vampires will move your closer to success!

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