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Getting up off it and putting yourself into motion – January 23, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

Many of use are always seeking the secrets to success. Success in life, relationship, business, health or whatever it may be. Sometimes inaction creates fear which paralyzes the person hoping to find the clue to being a success. The great truth is we all know the basics. You can not discover anything without taking the first steps and continuing to do something until you have some results. Once you have some results you can tell if the process is working or not. Maybe it is doing something but the results are poor. At this point your concern is to have the data to determine how to continue.

You might state well if it isn’t working maybe I need to back off, and regroup and try again. That’s fine if you really are that afraid of succeeding! Whatever you do you want to keep the momentum working for you. You just do not want to keep starting over from the beginning. After a few times of this and your likely not going to try again. It’s just how we are wired! That is why we don’t accept I tried a couple things that didn’t work, or dozens or hundreds or even thousands. Had Thomas Edison stopped before reaching a 1000 ways not to discover electricity we would all be buying lamp oil or candles today. Not all efforts will take 100’s or 1000’s of ways before finding something that works. Truman Capote stated that his submission to publishers were never rejected. The key is to keep working the plan, until you have something to measure, is the process working? is their something that can be changed?

So just get up off it! Do it! and continue doing it until you get the results you are seeking.

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