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Getting up off it and putting yourself into motion – Part two – January 24, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

I think the biggest challenge is to convince yourself to try to make a success out of whatever project you are seeking or to reach a dream you hope to reach! What keeps you from trying? Fear, fear of failure or of success. Seems downright silly when you look at it. Take a step, it is not like falling off a log (tried that once, but I was tethered so I couldn’t hurt myself). Funny part about that exercise was that there was still a moment (for me several) where I didn’t keep the momentum going and fear, waves of fear kept me standing on the log 20 feet off the ground and all I could do in hug the pole. I couldn’t fail so bad that I would hurt myself. I could find out that I could walk the log. Worst case, I would fall off the log and the safety crew would land me softly on the ground (unless I upset a few of them). When I started to walk I slipped but I asked the ground crew to keep me to where I could try to recover. It is amazing at that point the fear was nowhere to be found.

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