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Persistence, Never Getting Tired of Doing – February 19, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

What do you do if you broke your commitment to say exercising at least 5-7 days a week?

I had a couple issues which I needed to take a short break from the exercise routine to avoid potential longer lasting injury. The problem with this is you break the momentum and you start a new habit of not exercising. My athletic trainer from several years back wanted payment and commitment to 3x a week and for an agreement for months of training not just one of two sessions. He also expected you to be there, on time, no excuses.

I remember feeling ill and calling him to cancel one of our sessions. He stated you are obviously alive and I expect you to keep your session. I arrived and wasn’t happy about having to keep the appointment. However, as he explained often the sick feeling is just an excuse we tend to find ways to avoid the pain of exercise. He explained why he asked for the commitment and stated we needed to get to the point where missing an exercise session would make you feel guilty, or missing something. The lack of exercise would gnaw at your being. After the exercise session he asked how I felt and surprising I felt fine. He added it also tends to drive away illness. Know I realize a lot of the illness or feeling poorly is largely do to thought!

Your broke your commitment. Congratulations! Time to start again! No Excuses!

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