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You cannot borrow from tomorrow by Danny J. Stevens

Be careful with the putting things off.  When someone works at home they have a tendency of letting things slide.  Human beings often like most of nature will take the path of least resistance.  They snowball eventually and become a big negative in our lives.  

Not exercising today because I can do it before bed, becomes I didn’t get it done but I will do it tomorrow.   You are not going to exercise twice so tomorrow suffers even if you do the exercise for the day.  The sad part about this is the energy is saps from us.   The constant thought of the goals not achieved the energy to rationalize the why until we finally write it off as a bad debit to ourselves later in the month of weeks ahead.  It would be better to deal with the intention or renegotiate the contract we made and be truthful about our intentions.

The alternative is schedule less, and making sure you achieve those goals and then build the goals a little at a time.   The power in this is that you have a goal which you know you can achieve and will achieve.  That progress builds your self confidence.  A little later in the process add more to the goals.  This is what is referred to a momentum you are achieving your goals and keeping the momentum going by doing the items over and over again builds the momentum to reach the intended goals.    It is like getting in to a car and trying to go from 0 to 60 from a dead stop.   It is going to take more gas to move the car and the passengers from 0 to 60 than if the car was in motion.  There is also a time delay before the care reach forward momentum.   It is usually at this stage when you don’t see the progress that you start to change the goals, rather than to continue to apply massive action.

I speak about this with full knowledge as I have done and at times will still head down this path.   However I am aware of the problem.  In the ladder of life it is explained as the conscious incompetence.  If we stay in this mode we will continue to receive the lessons in life until we have learned the lesson and move on.  However at the conscious incompetence state we have a choice to stay and keep repeating the lessons or we can step up to the conscious competence state where we have moved past that lesson on to something new in our life.  At this stage we have learned the lesson, but we likely have not mastered the subject.

Do put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  I am learning this lesson.  Especially, when I was writing my May goals and balancing the time.  Anything which gets put off will affect the rest of the schedule.  Interesting point is this is true will all areas of our lives.  Dealing with the snowball effect is draining emotionally and physically. 

The best advice is to just get the object done!

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