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Puts up with the tradional Santa hat.  Well Briefly!

Puts up with the tradional Santa hat. Well Briefly!

A Thought Changes Everything by Danny J. Stevens

Today, I woke up with feelings of being alone. I checked my email, I had new mail. The new mail was from mailing list, alerts from Career Builders of new possible jobs and even some spam to offer some variety.

I reach out with the blogs, my family hisotry site, my participation on various sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, a private accountability forum and Anthony Robbins Grad Site forums. Yet at times I am starved for a phone call, an email, an instant message, a text message, or a knock on the door from a friend who just wanted to say hello!

As I sat feeling these emotions, my dog came up to me with his squeak toy and insisted that I play. It is virtually impossible to ignore his request. Throwing the toy, today it was his blue rubber elephant, I laughed as he continued to beg for me to play. I was laughing and smiling and feeling loved. Even if it was from a creature less that two feet high with curly white fur.

If a pet with a look, gesture or growl can change a person state, couldn’t we also reach out to someone today with a smile, a gesture, a phone call or a pleasant word, phrase or sentence? We live in a connected world. All day long we communicate digitally but rarely interpersonally. Rather than sending a text message, a tweet, an entry on Facebook, an email maybe it would be better to call someone or visit them in person.

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