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New Year, New Life-Don’t be trapped by the calendar. Create the life you want right now. Here’s wher click on this link to see Tony Robbins video – approximately 35minutes

I have set goals for 2010, didn’t make a resolution. I never fully grasped the concept of a resolution. Tony covers this very well in the video. To make a resolution you resolve that it will happen. You take away the excuses, you resolve the issues which are concerns along the way. You have step up, set a new standard and no matter what you will reach your goal. Without this mindset it is easy to see why most New Year’s Resolutions have ended on January 15th!

Tony makes another excellent point. Don’t let the calendar dictate your actions! If you have not made a resolution or if your resolution has disolved already, there is nothing stopping you from making a resolution. Remembering that it isn’t a maybe, a should, a wish or a hope! You resolve that whatever it takes it will be achieved!

I would really love to hear your stories! Your past successes with resolutions, and your plans for 2010!

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