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Thank You, Thank You!

I was reminded yesterday of passing along blessings. I was listening to Rhonda Byrnes CD’s of the book, “The Secret.” It seems like every program I was listening to from various sources was spending time to explain blessings and the effect they have on those who are blessed and those who give the blessing. Jus thinking about writing this seems to lift my spirits and fills me with renewal.

Today, as I was driving to work, running later than normal, unsure of what I would find on the I-405 corridor and needing a free flow of traffic to make it from Exit 153 on I-5 going to I-405, to Exit 20 B in Kirkland in roughly 30 minutes. If you have ever driven this strech of road, in the tregular lanes, during the daily commute you know it can some time to travel this section of road.

Rather than worry about not making it on time, I tried some principles I had learned from Rhonda. I thought only thoughts of continous flow and secretly sent my blessings and thoughts of Thank You to the people in cars all around me. What I found was that there were virtually no irrate drivers this morning. The traffic was heavy as it usually is on Thursdays. Yet the traffic flowed with very few slow downs as I reached Kirkland.

Not only did I arrive on time, I had 20+ minutes to spare. I thought about the events of the morning. Often I have made this trip, with bumper to bumper, stop ad go traffic. The signs giving you estimated arrival times of about 21 minutes often had to be doubled or triplled to be an accurate predicition. Instead, I had one of the most enjoyable drives and relaxing drives I have had in over a year of driving on this road. I don’t remember many days like today.

Remember it is good to be blessed, but the fullness is often experienced by those passing on the blessings. Would be great to hear from the subscribers to hear about their experience on passing out blessings. Are you willing to share?

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