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Practicing Blessings

Practicing Blessings by Danny Stevens

I have been listening to Rhonda Byrnes “The Secret.” Yesterday on the commute home I was listening to the last cd. I actually set the cd player to repeat the section where Lisa Nichols states, “No one can sing your song…No one can tell your story.” Our lives are unique; we each have a purpose for being here at this appointed time. If we do not dance our dance, sing our song or tell our story when the time to leave this earthly container arrives we will have not live our purpose. We will have died with the music still inside. A life basically unlived, a purpose no fulfilled, a dream fading back in to the ether.

As I grew older, I believed that my purpose would be revealed to me. That by some sign I would from some point on know what it was that I was brought here to do. Yet, as I grew older there was no moment of revelation of my purpose, or have I just been in denial?

I believe we all know somewhere inside what we would like to accomplish in this life. What we fail to realize is that passion, the item which provides a feeling of joy and bliss is likely what we were called to do for our time on earth.

Right after Lisa is the Rev. Michael Beckwith who is giving a blessing of sorts, “I believe you are great, that there’s something magnificent about you…” Everytime I hear Michael state this I am energized. In listening to this for what was over fifty times or more on Thursday evening and even more on Friday. I was in state of euphoria.

Yesterday morning I awoke a little later than usual but I was able to get ready and get on the road with plenty of time to spare. I was remembering the odd events of yesterday where I had a only an hour and a half and usually when you’re driving in the non-hov lanes sit would take up to and over two hours and I made the entire trip in about an hour and fifteen minutes. As I drove up to Guta’s (he ride share with me) apartment complex. I was content knowing there was plenty of time to reach work. Then I received a phone call, “where are you?” It was Guta, he was in a panic state. I replied telling him I was outside and waiting. When he got in the car he was a bit dazed and stated, “What happened?” I know he had just awakened after waiting for me and thought he just needs time to re-orient himself.

He then looked at me as if in disbelief, “We only have 25 minutes and there is no way we can reach Kirkland in that amount of time.” I was still in a carefree state and thought he really needs to learn how to relax. As I approached the exit to I-405 from the city of SeaTac I realized it wasn’t Guta he was centered in the reality of how long it would take to reach Kirkland even if the traffic was excellent! Somehow, again I reached our destination with 1 minute to spare. We both logged in on time for work and life was good.

In between SeaTac and Kirkland Guta was going to call the sick line and let them know we would be late and I asked him not too. He looked at me with a most questioning look of disbelief. I told him of the story from the day before. Then was relating the information on practice of blessings as Rhonda Byrne described at the conclusion of the cd of “The Secret” where she states that the simple act of sending blessing to people brings forth good things from the universe. The Christian version is, “Cast your bread upon the water, and it will return seven fold.” I tried it all the way to work on Thursday and had an amazing trip. So I said, “Let’s try it again.” Guta was not buying this at all, but had resigned himself that he was in a nightmare.

On the way home, we laughed about the morning’s trial and discussed it all the way to his apartment complex. He was still in shock that we had made the trip and reached work on time. He stated even on good days in the Hov lanes it would still take more than 25 minutes. It just happened that the traffic was flowing, there were no cars in front slowing us down, the lights were turning when they needed and we had a parking spot on arrival in just the right spot.

I still listening trying to hear the inner voice reveal what it might now about my purpose. I know that I have not come this far and experienced the things I have experienced to just prepare for eternity. I know I enjoy writing; I enjoy being of service or of help in some way in other people’s lives. I see myself being a sort of teacher when I grow up (note to self: at my current age, maybe I better find out what the means before another half a century passes.)

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