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Choosing an exciting Goal by Danny J. Stevens

The heat is being turned up!  The little book, “Giant Steps” is based on Anthony Robbins bestselling book, “Awaken the Giant Within”.  These concepts are the core of the “Unleash the Power Within” events.   If you have not had the opportunity to attend an even, please visit http://www.tonyrobbins.com/.  There are also Power Groups located throughout the world.  If you need help finding one let me know!   Everyone needs a team of like minded individuals.  The Power Groups are just that.  Some have been to an event put on by the Anthony Robbins Companies / Robbins Research others are just interested to self improvement.   I urge you to find a group or attend an event.

Today, Day 13, we are asked to examine our goals.   The goals which we may have may be just to make it from day to day, to meet your financial obligations, to stay in your relationship.   The example goals I mentioned if examined are based on a basis of fear.  It is doubtful that you wake in the morning looking forward to working on the goal, or stay up longer at night because  you are excited working on the goal.  It may be you woke from a bad dream or you stayed up attempting to figure out how to pull things together.

Today we are asked to brainstorm goals which are worthwhile pursuing, something that you are willing to exchange your time to pursue.  A goal which excites you, that may seem out of reach but should you be able to achieve this goal it would push you beyond your perceived limits.  It should also push you into finding what you are truly capable of doing.

From the list from the brainstorm, choose the goal which you are willing to pursue.  Decide it is going to happen, place a date on when it is going to be achieved.  Write a paragraph (or more) on why this goal must be achieved by the date chosen.  Do you have enough detail to where you can sense how it would feel to achieve this goal?  Goals should stretch you but also be realistic.  You goal maybe to be the world’s top athlete, yet you are 40 years old plus, your health is marginal and  you want to achieve this goal in a year.   You may have a vague goal such as, “I want to be wealthy” by January 1, 2012.   Do you know the intermediate goals that will get you there?  Do you know how much equates to wealth?  Do you have a plan to reach the unknown?  Have you ever heard of S.M.A.R.T Goals?

S.M.A.R.T is an acronym for Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Timely.  The goals are not vague but have been defined and redefined.  Take our goal for wealth and be detailed, what is it you meant by being wealthy?  What amount of money will it take?  The next step is to be Measureable.  What are the ways you can measure that you are on track to achieve the goal?   Attainable the first S.M.A.R.T goals should be goals you can reach.  It would be like a person who has never lifted weights to decide to bench press 400 lbs.  To try to bench press 400 lbs may cause major health issues.  Yet with a plan to reach the ultimate goal you can in certain steps reach the ultimate goal.  Realistic ask you will you do what is needed to make this happen.  When the going gets rough, will you go or stay to herald in the attainment of the goal?  Is it possible?  If so, define how?

The first step today is to brainstorm for no more than 3 minutes.  Keep you pen engaged on the paper, continue to write nonstop the entire time.  Do stop to judge.  Just write as the ideas present themselves.  Then after the brainstorm examine the items for the being S.M.A.R.T.  Then examine the items for are any something you would trade your time and money to obtain?  Bob Proctor would ask, “Are the goals something you are willing to trade your life to obtain?”

One thing Anthony Robbins ask you to do is after you identify the goal.  What two things can you do right now to help you move toward that goal?

If you have already done this as I have, but it has been a while, then it would not hurt to do this process again.   I will comment on my brainstorming session and I encourage you to comment on your as well!

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