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Create forward momentum By Danny J. Stevens

In Day 8 we examined that results are just that results.  We can examine them and learn to do better.  Today Tony is asking us to examine why the results of the past were not what we expected.  Dr. Wayne Dyer in one of his audio programs makes the claim, “We never regret what we do, and we regret what we do not do.”  Same concept being examined here, the items where we so call failed were a result of lack of some sort of action.  The failure of not reaching a sales goal was probably the result of not making the call.   The failure of a relationship may have been the failure to say, “I love you.”  Some time the failures are based on the lack of not doing something simple.

Taking one of these items, what action can you do to move it forward towards a successful completion?  Where a decision is made we are never supposed to make the decision without being in a peak state, never to leave the decision without taking immediate action.  What action will you take to create a new commitment and forward movement to reaching your goal?

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