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A Decade of Progress by Danny J. Stevens

Day 30 of Giant Steps in to 2012.

Tony Robbins is reminding us that we tend to over plan what can be accomplished in one year, but don’t seem to have an adequate 10 year plan for our life.   From my experience I have found this to be true.  I can think of many things to accomplish in one year, yet during the planning I may have to decide if I will commit the necessary time and resources.

Bob Proctor, in the audio series, “The Secret Science of Getting Rich” states that we think in pictures.  If you are asked about your car a mental image of your car comes to mind.   If asked about your family an image comes to your mind.  We will get further opportunities to examine this in future post.  The main idea is that with think in pictures.   If we hold our focus on this pictures and sit quietly reflecting on this picture allowing ourselves to imagine living as if this was real, then asking ourselves what action we would need to take to make it happen your mind will begin to provide action steps to realize the image.  When the ideas come, write them down in your hardbound journal!

With these tools and the list of goals and dreams from day 16 through 19 we can examine our goals and dreams.  Are we a bit shy on what we want to accomplish within the next 5 years and within the next 10 years?  Refine the list.  It has been a few days and you may have new items to add to 5year and 10 year list of goals and dreams you want to accomplish.  This is the purpose of today is to reflect upon what you want to accomplish in the long term.  You should examine your written paragraph from day 21, where you wrote about why you must achieve you r 1 year goals within the year.   This day is a reflection on why you must achieve your 5 and 10 years goals.   Write a paragraph or two of why these goals must be achieved and what your life would be like in 5 and then in 10 years.


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