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Tony’s Ultimate Success Formula – discussed by Danny J. Stevens

Day 24 – Giant Steps in to 2012

What would you give for a formula for success?  If you could follow a process that produces success, would you do it?  Anthony Robbins has given us the Ultimate Success Formula.  The process is just four steps which are repeated continually until you reach the completion of your goal or dream.

We have discussed the steps but not in this concise form;

1.)      Decide what you want

2.)      Take action

3.)      Notice what is working

4.)      Change your approach

Decide what you want:

As we have discussed in prior post, your goal or dream needs to be specific.  The goal or dream if vaguely defined is like getting in your car and stating your going to take a trip.  You will end up somewhere, sometime, and you may enjoy the time or not.  This is not to say that being adventurous or spontaneous is not desirable.  However, when attempting to reach your dreams and goals it would be best to identify exactly what you want and work towards that end.

Take Action:

Tony Robbins is quoted as saying, “By changing nothing, nothing happens.”   To dream and plan has no effect unless action is taken.  What happens if what you do is wrong?  This is a question that allows you to put off and procrastinate until you can ensure the action you take is correct.  If you wait, and continue to plan, you still have not discovered if the action would produce the correct results.  Decide on the plan, take action and then move to the next step.

Notice what is working:

This is what Tony calls, “Sensory acuity.”   If you notice that it is not working then you are sharpening your sensory acuity.  It is important to know what is and is not working.  This is where you look at what is not working and determine what actions you can take.

Change your Approach:

Continuing to do the same thing over and over with the same results is the definition of insanity.  There is something to be said with staying in the game, and staying in line.   However, if the current approach is not working, and an adjustment can be made then make the adjustments.

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