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The Reward of Success by Danny J. Stevens

Day 26, Giant Steps in to 2012

In the journey to your goal or dream, the person you are at the beginning of the journey will be tested and possibly changed by the accomplishment of reaching your goal or dream.  Many define this process like the natural process of a chunk of coal being put under extreme pressure and being transformed in to a precious stone called a diamond.

Some have used the analogy of an artisan who is working on a sculpture.  As the artist chips away at the edges and rough outlines the final image is refined and becomes defined.  There are several analogies but the commonality is that there is a transformation of the person as they work towards their dreams and goals.  The goal or dream is not reward, the person we become the reward.

Take some time to contemplate what changes you need to make to achieve your dreams and goals?  What skills will you need?  What type of character traits would be helpful?  What attitudes and beliefs would be helpful?  Who would you need to become, or should become?

Take out your hardbound journal and write a paragraph on the person you would need to become.

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