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Creating a Life by Danny J. Stevens

Day 27, Giant Steps in to 2012

We are asked this day to live life to the fullest as we progress towards our goals and dreams.  The time to live is now, not after you achieve your goals or dreams.   I am reminded of a lesson from my own life where we as a family worked together to make it through a very lean time.  I don’t remember feeling abused or deprived.  I however remember getting the car on Saturday and going to Safeway and calling my grandmother and we would each talk to her on the pay phone.   I remember my mother shopping at a grocery store that offered a half gallon of Ice Cream with the purchase of $100 dollars or more.  For entertainment we played games, and on the weekend we watched Bonanza, The Movie of the week and Lawrence Welk.

We enjoyed the sporting events at the High School, I was in the band so my Mom and sister would attend, Dad worked nights.  I also was a member of the Order of DeMolay so when I wasn’t traveling with the band I had dances, dinners or something to attend.   Through the lean time we enjoyed life and found ways to reach for goals and dreams.

If we were to wait until success had been attained to live, it would have been similar to the Charles Dickens classic tale, “A Christmas Carol.”  Ebenezer Scrooge waited until he was a success and he never attainted enough.    His life was spent working towards a goal and dream, yet he never lived.  He spent all his time in pursuit of wealth and never touched another person life.   He grew old, bitter and didn’t enjoy life until his visit by the ghost of Christmas!

How can you live life, enjoy life while working towards the achievement of your goals and dreams?  Journal about how you will experience life in your hardbound journal.

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