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Adjustment of Focus by Danny J. Stevens

Day 55, Giants steps in to 2012

Do you realize that when we focus on anything we are asking ourselves a basic question?  This question can help us to stay focused and resolve the situation or goal, or it can be a distraction keeping us from doing our best.  When we cannot find the resolution to a situation, change the underlying question.  What we focus upon, is what we will find.  We have discussed this when we are talking about the reticular activating system, RAS.  The RAS filters out information so that we notice and can see the information for which we seek.  If the answer is not coming, ask yourself a better question.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is this happening to me?”  How does this make you feel?   Your focus is on you rather than the situation, is this a good way to resolve anything?   The question also is causing our mind to look for ways that answers the questions.  If you change the question to something like, “How can I find a resolution which will empower all involved?” , you will change the focus and you’ll find possible resolutions, but more specifically those resolution which empower those involved.


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