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Ways to change your state by Danny J. Stevens

Day 58, Giant Steps into 2012

This is actually supposed to be a brainstorming session, where you will list at least 15 – 25 healthy ways to change your state.  Take out your hard bound journal and start writing.  Tony Robbins states you should probably do this exercise over a couple times until you have over a hundred ways you can change your state in a healthy way.

To get you started I will list a few ways that I could use to change my state; Sing along with my favorite songs, play fetch with my dog, hold my dog, look at the beauty of nature, Looking towards the mountains, viewing a sunrise or a sunset, seeing a butterfly, remembering good times, watching an inspirational movie such as “Music from the Heart”, laugh, dance, exercise, go swimming and the list goes on and on.   These are healthy ways to replace painful feelings with pleasurable ones.


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