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Imagination – January 18, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

Most children have a very active imagination! It is only when we achieve adulthood that the imagination we find is often taboo and looked upon as being childish. We grow up, or may I take the liberty to say, we die to our childhood and our imagination. There is a song in the musical “Babes in Toyland” where it states that once the door has been shut to childhood there is no going back. Actually that is a misunderstanding. It takes time to combat the years of negativity and suggestion that this is the real world and you need to have your thoughts in the here and now rather than in childish imaginings.

I don’t know about you but I rally behind someone who is able to keep or retain their imagination! I have some, but I used to have more. I am exercising my will to allow more creativity and imagination. I cannot think of any reason why anyone would impose these rules. I guess partially out of being protective and knowing that others are not always impressed with an active imagination. It is sad, as the world would be in a much better place.

We are creative creatures. We were given to dream dreams and have visions and then set out to make those things happen! It is inherent in each one of us! We just have to find it and release it from years of bondage!

What is your commitment to seeing your dream or goal completed? – January 17, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

Sometime commitment sounds so scary. It is a fact of life. If you want a marriage to succeed or even happen commitment is required. If you want to learn how to play the piano, it is going to take a commitment to practice daily, practice scales and learn how to read music. You also have to learn the terminology. It wont happen in a few weeks or months so you need to commit to taking time each day to learn how to play the piano. You should also have the same commitment to a relationship if you expect it to work. Your goal or dream is a relationship of sorts. You have to commit to it daily! If you are in a physical relationship you and your partner need to make the commitment as if one does and one doesn’t a wedge is being planted not only in the goal or dream but the physical relationship.

Tough question? It is and you need to talk it over with your partner. Then when the commitment is made stick to it!

Where is your priority, concerning your Goal or Dream? – January 16, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

Have you ever tried to push a noodle that has been cooked? Ever tried to steer a parked car? I know this sounds silly but the image it brings to mind is exactly what is happening to your dream or goal without any action. Also frankly if you are not giving this goal or dream any or your time, priority over other things, working on it consistently which means everyday than you are not evening trying. Your parked or cooked either way you wont reach a successful completion of your goal or dream.

Time has come, how bad do you want the goal or dream? What time are you going to give to the project consistently? It is simple as that. Will out giving the goal or dream priority it is just a wish and it wont happen until you become serious about reaching the successful completion of the dream or goal. Aare you ready?

Setting your Goals or Dream, Aim High – January 15, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

I have a rock which was given to me by a mentor at one of the events I attended, Mastery University, Life Mastery. There a game was randomly chosen by me which was to teach me a life lesson. It actually opened my eyes to myself, my beliefs, my fears and still teaches me to this day! Due to the events and the struggle I had with the game, however at considerable odds I completed the objective , conquered my fear that day, and I felt the thrill of reaching the objective! The engraving on the rock stated, “What would you do, if you knew you couldn’t fail.” It sits on the basin in the bathroom so I see it multiple times in a day. It reminds me of the lesson learned.

What did I learn that day. Starting is a decision! You have to decide to take the first step and continue on. Standing around contemplating the results only adds to the fear and anxiety. Just do it! At some point you will run into the terror barrier as Bob Proctor calls it. A point where your belief and the events that are happening don’t share the same belief structure. You become uncomfortable, possible quiet ill and seek to revert to the comfort you have always known. Even though in so doing you leaving behind the dream or the vision. It doesn’t matter if the goal or vision is small, medium or large you have to face yourself and your fears. You might as well make it count and dream big! I learned also that taking the first step and keeping the momentum going the fear starts to disappear. We often create the fear, just by giving it a presence.

Read the blogs earlier in this year (and those in the past years) and you will find they have been pointing you to planning, taking the first steps, and keeping the momentum going. Fear is just part of the equation. Realize though take the first step and face the fear, in doing so the fear begins to disappear. Keep the momentum going and your over half way to completion.

You Are Becoming a Very Attractive Person – January 14, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

When you have a dream or goal, a vision for your life it is food for the body and soul! You are being creative and creation is happening within you! What you sow you reap. It certainly is in effect at this point! You are sowing creativity and in the process your mind, body and soul is revitalizing! Your are coming alive in mind, body, and spirit. We are at our best when we have a vision for our life. If that vision is to create a new song, paint a new painting, discover something new, start a business, work on a charity, or whatever that vision might be it begins inside you and your talents and ability start to bring that goal or dream closer to completion! When we don’t have a vision, dream or goal our life just skates by. Depression is a great prediction! Then illness and finally death. All religious books tell us that a person without a dream or vision will perish. Certainly you have seen this in others and maybe within yourself.

It is not to late to grab a firm grasp on a dream or to have a vision! What have you wanted to accomplish in the past? Why not give it a chance again! Ask empowering questions that will help you to breath life in that dream or goal and in so doing life will come to you! You will become a Very Attractive Person!

Become Unstoppable! – January 13, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

Becoming Unstoppable to me means, To resolve, to make a commitment to yourself to find a way. When faced with what seems to be an impossible situations using your creativity, drive, imagination an determination to find ways. Usually we limit our vision to one or a few possible ways we believe that a possible ways to get something done, create something or resolve an issue. When those avenues seem to be blocked or sealed we get depressed and are focusing on the problem, the inability or lack. What do we get back? Inability and lack.

When you start a project, business, work on a dream or goal we usually ask ourselves, “How can I make this happen?” Great, as it engages us to look for possible solutions. We are expecting to find a way. Somehow in the process as doors, windows and even cracks appear to dry up our thinking turns to I have tried it all and nothing works. That in and of itself is not a full truth! Had you tried it all, you would have found a way. You might say I tried thousands of ways. Did you? Number them and write them down. You might say I tried hundred of ways. Did you? Number them and write them down. You might come back and say I tried many ways. Write them down. The resultant list is a success in finding however many times you tried for the purposes here lets say it was 52. You found 52 ways that didn’t work. How many should you try? How bad do you want whatever it is you are try to achieve? Then you keep trying and finding new ways which may or may not work. You keep refining the question of How can I make this happen, until you find ways to accomplish what you are attempting to do.

If you cannot find a way, ask yourself a different question? Such as How did other find ways to make this happen, that I can use? What ways could I make this happen if I could change the rules? Can I change the rules?

Action, Progress, Momentum, Breaks and Enjoy Part 5 – January 12, 2016 – by Danny J. Stevens

Recap: Decision should be made in the best possible state possible. Never leave the decision making without doing or planning to do something immediately to help you move closer to reaching your dreams. Do something daily that actively moves you closer to reaching your goal or dream. It doesn’t have to be limited to one thing, yet at the same time you don’t want to burn out. As a side note, one of the planning and goal setting activities I was introduced to was to create a list and attempt to get that list completed each day. Start with item 1 and complete number 1 before starting on number 2 and so on. Review your day and immediately put the undone items on the next days list. You will learn how much you can take on in a days time. The main focus is to do each item well before proceeding to the next item. I got this from Earl Nightingale. Don’t feel bad you didn’t reach all items if you did everything you could to get to each item on the list.
Keep the momentum going. Once everything is in motion keep asking yourself, what can be done to keep the momentum going. Never leave a planning session without doing something towards making it happen. However, for all your hard work reward yourself with some time to enjoy something you want to do. This last part is so important. Enjoying what you are doing and knowing your work has taken over your life and then having you resent the work you set out to do.

Monitor your progress. Find ways to measure how you are doing and wither something you are doing isn’t working or not working well. Discover a reason, come up with a plan and execute it. You do this over and over and over until you discover how to make it work! How many times? As many as it takes! The parts to a business, goal or dream are similar. You already know the basics so just commit to doing it, discover what works, what doesn’t and make corrections until you have found the right way. Giving to yourself some rewards along the way also helps to aide you when it doesn’t look like it is going to happen. It will happen if you don’t give up and follow the guide above!

Action, Progress, Momentum, Breaks and Enjoy Part 3 – January 10, 2016 – by Danny J. Stevens

You want to keep the momentum and continue to move the goal or dream closer to a successful completion. However, part of the reason for even having or working to complete the goal or dream is to add joy to your life. Many archivers don’t believe they deserve to have personal time or to enjoy or celebrate accomplishments along the way. Actually if you complete a milestone on your way to achieving your goal or dream you should celebrate. Doesn’t have to be anything big or take a lot of time but I suggest a couple hours at minimum. Rewarding yourself will help keep you on the path to completion.

Honestly, if we were honest with ourselves we would realize we are doing this for some satisfaction, some personal purpose, maybe for enjoyment or to provide enjoyment in something else. We are in the game of life to participate and as long as we are treating others as we want to be treated, respecting the Universal Laws than there should be enjoyment as well.

Action, Progress, Momentum, Breaks and Enjoy Part 3 – January 10, 2016 – by Danny J. Stevens
Only by sitting down and analyzing what is working, what isn’t working will help you determine the progress you a making. One of the best things you can do is to determine a way to measure key performances so that you can track if your time in a certain area is effective or if a change is needed. It is just that simple. You can determine the best means, you might want to speak with an accountant for advice. However realize the accountant probably has not experience doing what you are doing. Seek out a person who has been there or doing something similar and if you are still stuck. Have a brainstorming session even if it is with yourself. What can you measure that would indicate progress is being made. If it is a business you can measure profit but you will want to get more detailed. It may be possible to find was to do things differently which may increase the profits. Your goal is to be able to measure progress.

Let’s say you find out that what you thought were good metrics actually isn’t working for you. Analyze why? Give yourself recommendations to improve this, make a change and see if this works for you. It is all about you learning what works, what doesn’t and being able to analyze and come up with a new plan. You keep doing this until you are satisfied with the results. You don’t want to over analyze things as this is certain death to any project. I heard of businesses that had to have over 100 approving signatures before the business could do anything. This is way too restrictive and certainly didn’t address what wasn’t working…

Action, Progress, Momentum, Breaks and Enjoy Part 2 – by Danny J. Stevens

All decisions then should be made in the highest possible state, one where you feel empowered and able to take on the task! Once the decision is made before leaving this state or time you need to plan a couple actions which will bring you closer to achieving this goal or dream. I have heard people stating they have sorted their papers or straightened up there pencil collection. Wonderful, but understand those action have no ability to propel you towards your goal or dream. They are however time wasters a stall tactic where you are pretending to be busy but the work does nothing to move you into action. Does it? If your honest, probably not. If it does, may I encourage you to review your goals or dreams, as if this action propels you toward those goals or dreams they many actually be way too small. The goal or dream should excite you and scare you at the same time! If it doesn’t than you need to dig deeper and dream bigger! The dream or goal should be something you have to stretch your belief and something that captures your awe, your creative genius! You do have a creative genius within. You use it to avoid life, dreams or having to reach toward your goals. Why not use it to attain those things?

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